Lip Wax- $10 Book Now!

Chin Wax- $12 Book Now!

Eyebrow Wax- $15 Book Now!

Bang Trim- $10 Book Now!

Beard Trim- $10 Book Now!

Blowdry- $30+ Book Now!

Shampoo, Haircut & Blowdry- $50+ Book Now!

Men’s Haircut- $30+ (haircut, shampoo, warm towel) Book Now!

Flashback for Men- $30 (blended tone to discreetly conceal greys)

Gloss- $50 (clear coat adds shine)

Color Cut & Blowdry- $110 (single process color)

Color Cut & Blowdry- $130 (double process color)

Regrowth- $65 (cover the grey, does not include blowdry)

Partial Foil- $85* (foiled highlights framing face top & sides)

Partial Balayage- $185+* (touch up on existing hand painted highlights)

Full Foil- $130+ (foiled highlights throughout hair)

Full Balayage- $260+* (hand painted highlights throughout hair)

Platinum Card- $320+* (blonde all over)

Global Keratin Treatment- $275+* (maintains unruly hair for 4-6 months)

Wild Ginger Keratin Express- $50 (improves shine, prevents breakage up to 6 weeks, includes blowdry)

Olaplex Treatment- $50 (conditioning treatment helps repair damaged hair and adds shine, includes blowdry)

Perm- $95+* (permanent wave, does not include haircut or blowdry)

Long Hair Perm- $155+* (permanent wave, does not include haircut or blowdry)


***Please note additional product charges may be applied due to length, texture and density of hair.


Prom Updo- $75 Book Now!



Bride- $100+

Trial- $55+ Book Now!

Bridesmaids- $85+

Mother of the Bride&Groom- $85+

Flower Girls- $65+

Travel Fee- $30+